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BLOG / 4 Reasons to Consider Network as a Service (NaaS)

January 24, 2024

4 Reasons to Consider Network as a Service (NaaS)

IT departments consistently strive to enhance their agility, resilience, and rapid adaptation to emerging technologies. These objectives are essential for maintaining competitive edge and operational efficiency. However, many organizations find these goals challenging due to constraints related to costs and scalability. Fortunately, there are reasons to consider Network as a Service (NaaS) as an emerging and viable solution to these challenges with inquiries growing of 800% in the past five years: undefined The NaaS market is predicted to hit $78.38 billion by 2028 which is  a CAGR of more than 32.36%. Much of that growth will come from businesses that are prepared to act quickly on network transformation. According to IDC, 49% of IT leaders are planning or considering a NaaS transformation for their organization. Nearly 70% of them are planning to invest in the switch in the next 12 months. NaaS is a model that enables businesses to outsource their networking needs, offering several benefits:

4 Reasons to Consider Network as a Service (NaaS):

  1.  Enhanced Agility: NaaS provides IT departments with the ability to swiftly respond to changes and demands in the technology landscape, thereby increasing their agility. While the supply chain issues have improved slowly over the past couple of years, they can leave you behind the curve in keeping update on your network demands.
  2. Scalability: Key aspects of NaaS scalability include:
    1. Ease of Adjusting Network Capacity: Businesses can effortlessly scale their network resources up or down, ensuring that the network infrastructure matches their current needs without the complexity of physical hardware changes.
    2. Cost-Effectiveness for Variable Demand: NaaS is particularly beneficial for organizations with fluctuating demand patterns, such as seasonal businesses. It allows them to scale network resources during peak times and scale back during off-peak periods, optimizing costs.
    3. Reduced Hardware Dependency: The model minimizes reliance on physical hardware, which can be costly and less flexible, offering a more modern, streamlined approach to network management
  3. Simplicity and Ease of Management:One of the primary advantages of Network as a Service (NaaS) is its user-friendly nature. NaaS greatly simplifies the complexity of network management, eradicating common challenges such as the necessity for elaborate hardware setups.In the realm of traditional network infrastructure, there’s a significant reliance on hardware like routers, switches, and cabling. NaaS transforms this model by rendering such physical hardware unnecessary for businesses desiring a more streamlined network approach. This service model employs virtualized and cloud-based solutions, effectively transferring the burden of hardware acquisition, setup, and maintenance to the service provider.Moreover, traditional network management often demands extensive technical expertise, a hurdle effortlessly overcome by NaaS. The service is tailored to enhance user experience, featuring user-friendly web interfaces and dashboards. These tools are engineered for simplicity, enabling users with varying levels of technical expertise to effectively manage and monitor network settings with ease.
  4. Improved Financials: Planning and budgeting for a large capital outlay for a network upgrade can be significantly reduced as well as surprise network expenses when equipment fails or needs major servicing. The SaaS provider takes on the crucial role of overseeing the network. They are responsible for vigilantly monitoring the network and swiftly implementing the most recent security and operational updates. This ensures that the network remains secure and functions at optimal efficiency consistently. BONUS: You don’t have to scrap your old network equipment, you can sell it to a company like TeleTraders that will take the equipment, inspect and resell the equipment.Here is the process, simple, quick and receiving your proceeds in just a few weeks.

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