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BLOG / 5 Cisco Products with the BEST Resale Value

September 25, 2023

5 Cisco Products with the BEST Resale Value

The Cisco products you have in house has served your company well but it’s time for new function and speed by today’s companies to remain competitive. So now the question is what to do with the old Cisco gear, is it worth it to take the time and money to try to resell the old equipment? Well let’s start with probably one of the main reasons you chose Cisco gear for your last network upgrade. Cisco has a long history of supplying leading edge technology with reliability and top notch customer support. Indeed, among Cisco’s product offerings, an impressive 90% reign supreme as the foremost selections in their respective sectors, spanning from data centers to collaboration and networking. Furthermore Cisco had a 41% marketshare in 2022 with the next closest competitor having a 10% share:

cisco product with the best resale valueOther Factors Affecting Cisco Products With the BEST Resale Value

There are also other factors that can affect the resale value you can get when reselling Cisco gear:
  1. Brand Reputation: Cisco is a renowned leader in networking technology, instilling confidence in buyers and boosting the resale value.
  2. Reliability: Cisco’s equipment is known for durability and long-term performance, making used devices still desirable.
  3. Compatibility: Older Cisco models remain compatible with newer ones, ensuring a market for legacy equipment.
  4. Market Demand: The constant need for network upgrades and expansion maintains demand for Cisco devices, sustaining their resale value.
  5. Warranty Transfer: Cisco offers warranty transfers for some products, adding value to used purchases. Want to learn more about Cisco warranties and how they can affect the resale price? Take a look at this article: Cisco Warranties and Resale – 13 Things You Need to Know
  6. End-of-Sale Announcements: Cisco’s clear end-of-sale announcements allow buyers to plan for future purchases, driving demand for older models. Once a product announces EOL or EOSL the resale value drops significantly. Want to learn more about selling products before EOLand EOSL: EOL, EOSL – Is It Time to Upgrade the Network

The Cisco Products With The BEST Resale Value

So we know Cisco products in general have good resale value but if your network is comprised of these five Cisco products you may be able to reap a significant return on investment:
    1. Cisco Catalyst Series Switches: These are widely used for enterprise networking due to their reliability, scalability, and advanced features.
    2. Cisco ISR (Integrated Services Routers): ISR routers provide integrated services such as routing, security, and application optimization, making them versatile for businesses.
    3. Cisco Nexus Switches: Nexus switches are designed for data center environments, offering high performance and scalability for modern data centers.
    4. Cisco Meraki: Cisco’s cloud-managed networking solutions, including access points and security appliances, have gained popularity for their ease of management.
    5. Cisco ASA (Adaptive Security Appliance): These security appliances are known for providing firewall and VPN services, crucial for network security.
What are the warranty issues when Buying or Selling Used Cisco IT Equipment? So if you have any of these product lines there is a good chance that their aftermarket value will make a good return on investment. Yet once you make that decision to upgrade your network, how do you dispose of your old equipment and maximize your profits. The main ways you can dispose of your old gear run the gamut from easy and no profit to recouping a good share of your original investment in Cisco gear.
  • Easy & No Profit – You can donate and/or recycle the equipment. You will still have to make sure that all of your data has been removed from the equipment > Here are things to consider when choosing a method to protest your data before it leaves your facility: Get Your Certificate of Data Destruction
  • Maximize Your Profit – It takes a bit more homework in preparing your equipment for resell but the returns can be well worth it: What is the Best Way to Liquidate IT assets?
Please note that while we believe these are the Cisco products with the best resale value at this time, the popularity of Cisco products can change over time due to evolving technology trends and customer needs. To get the most up-to-date information on top-selling Cisco networking products, it’s advisable to consult with a company that deals almost exclusively with a company that specializes in the reselling  of networking equipment like TeleTraders.  

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