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BLOG / Before Selling Used Office Phones Look for These 5 Features to Look for in a New System

February 5, 2024

Before Selling Used Office Phones Look for These 5 Features to Look for in a New System

To support your marketing and customer support teams’ efforts, your business must have the correct phone equipment to handle the calls that come into your workplace. In the long run, missed and dropped calls could cost your company money as clients turn their attention to your competitors’ advertised products and services instead. To ensure your phone system can meet the task, you can pick up new equipment and offset the costs by quickly selling used office phones afterward. When it comes time to pick out your new equipment, ensure the devices have the five features to create a remarkable phone system.

Mobile Phone Integration

With the mobile phone integration feature, your associates will never again miss a call from clients or vendors after momentarily stepping out of the office. You can easily add or remove your associates’ mobile devices from your phone network as needed. This feature allows associates to continue their daily tasks while waiting for important calls.

Hot Desking

The hot desking feature offers another way to increase employee mobility throughout the workday. This feature allows users to move to another phone and login to continue receiving calls at their extension. Not only will your valued associates remain productive while moving throughout the office, but this feature also helps reduce downtime while waiting for IT to find a solution to technical problems.

Drag and Drop Handling

If your associates handle a high volume of calls throughout their workdays, your company may benefit from the drag-and-drop handling feature. With this feature, all inbound and outbound calls appear on the computer display for quick access by your dedicated operator. All calls efficiently arrive at their intended destinations without delay due to the intuitive display and rapid deployment process.

Direct Inward Dial

Even if you utilize a dedicated operator or automated phone tree to direct calls to your associates, there are times when direct access offers clients the best customer support experience. The direct inward dial feature on commercial phone systems gives each associate a dedicated phone number or extension to enable this level of client support. You will only be able to find this feature on digital phone systems, as it is not possible with analog devices.

Call Recording

The call recording feature helps monitor associates and improve training materials for future employees. After activating this feature, you can simultaneously randomly or directly record each call on multiple lines. The audio files move into a dedicated folder for future review and playback during performance meetings or training sessions.

Selling Used Office Phones After Making Your Purchase

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