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BLOG / Arista vs Cisco Switches: Brief Overview & Comparison

February 27, 2024

Arista vs Cisco Switches: Brief Overview & Comparison

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Arista vs. Cisco Switches Overview

The Arista vs Cisco switches debate highlights the distinct strengths and offerings of two industry leaders. Both Arista and Cisco have carved out significant market share, offering cutting-edge solutions that cater to a wide range of businesses. This comparison seeks to dive deeper into the unique features of Arista and Cisco switches, providing a comprehensive overview to assist in making well-informed decisions for your businesses network infrastructure needs.  

Arista Switches Overview

Arista Networks is revolutionizing the networking world with its focus on high-performance, scalable solutions specifically designed for data center and cloud networking environments. When you compare Arista vs Cisco switches, Arista’s offerings stand out particularly for their:
  • Performance: Arista is synonymous with high-speed, efficient data center switches that cater to any type of demanding environments.
  • Innovation: The company leads with software-centric solutions that enhance cloud networking capabilities.
  • Efficiency: Arista’s switches are known for their low-latency performance, making them ideal for large-scale operations.

Cisco Switches Overview

Cisco Systems has long been a cornerstone in the networking industry, offering an extensive array of hardware suited for various business needs. When you compare Arista vs Cisco switches, Cisco’s offerings stand out particularly for their:
  • Diversity: Cisco’s portfolio includes a wide range of networking hardware, accommodating businesses with needs for products that expand beyond switches.
  • Integration: They emphasize security and analytics, integrated within their networking solutions.
  • Support: Cisco’s global presence ensures comprehensive support and services for their customers. Primarily due to their long-standing history, Cisco stands out as an industry giant with well respected backing.

Comparison of Arista vs Cisco Switches

  • Performance: Arista switches are often highlighted for their top-of-the-line performance in high-demand environments like data centers and cloud computing infrastructures. Cisco switches, while robust, are designed to cater to a broader range of networking needs, including enterprise, small business, and data center applications. While Cisco switches are of course very reliable, Arista specializes in ultra-high performing switches specifically. 
  • Software and Ecosystem: Cisco offers a comprehensive software ecosystem with advanced features like DNA Center for network management and security. Arista’s EOS (Extensible Operating System) is highly regarded for its scalability, reliability, and programmability in cloud and high-performance environments. If your environment is lower demand and an ecosystem of related products is important for your business, Cisco is a great option! If your team would like tools and equipment specifically optimized for just your switches, Arista may be the better way to go.
  • Cost: Arista’s pricing is generally competitive, especially for high-performance requirements, while Cisco’s pricing structure includes a wide range due to its extensive product range, potentially offering more budget flexibility.
  • Support and Services: Cisco has a long-standing reputation for its extensive support network and services worldwide. Arista also provides reliable support but Cisco’s global presence and extensive service portfolio are often seen as a significant advantage.
  When choosing between Arista vs Cisco switches, both brands will have tools that can assist your business effectively and reliably. Tt is important consider not only the technical specifications but also factors like the existing infrastructure, future scalability needs, and budget constraints. Each brand has its strengths, making them suitable for different environments and requirements.  

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Arista vs Cisco Switches Conclusion

Both Arista and Cisco offer compelling solutions in the networking space. While Cisco continues to be a dominant force with its broad product range and extensive support network, Arista has been gaining traction, particularly in environments requiring high performance and scalability. Recent trends suggest an increased popularity in Arista, attributed to its innovative approaches in cloud networking and high-performance data centers. As networking demands evolve, Arista’s focus on software-driven solutions positions it as a strong contender in the industry, challenging traditional giants like Cisco.

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