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BLOG / Can I legally resell Cisco Networking Equipment?

August 23, 2023

Can I legally resell Cisco Networking Equipment?

If you are considering selling your used Cisco Networking equipment, you have probably asked yourself, Can I legally resell cisco networking equipment?  Navigating the IT asset resale landscape can feel like walking through a maze, especially for IT Directors who face increased diverse responsibilities. Whether you’re considering reselling your company’s old networking equipment or buying some, legal considerations are crucial.   

Introduction: Can I legally resell Cisco Networking Equipment?

The IT asset resale market is more than just about finding a buyer; it’s about understanding the intricacies involved. As an IT Director, you’re in the pilot seat, ensuring that the company’s decisions are lawful, beneficial, and do not put your company at risk.

Why It Matters: The Legal Landscape to consider when reselling Cisco Networking Equipment

Legal Complexities: Reselling Cisco networking equipment in the U.S. isn’t as straightforward as it may seem. The legal landscape is fraught with:
  • Licensing nuances: Is the equipment rented or leased? It is important to confirm that you own the equipment fully prior to selling. This can often be confirmed by a brief review of the contract that 
  • Warranty considerations: Does the warranty become void when the equipment is transferred or sold? This information is important to communicate to the buyer to avoid post-sale issues.
  • Potential counterfeit risks: Where did you originally purchase the equipment from? Was it purchased from a verified or reputable seller? Did you have the equipment worked on at any point and were any parts replaced? It’s important to know the exact specifications of your equipment when you are considering selling your cisco networking equipment.

Ignoring these could lead to substantial legal and reputational consequences. Developing a general knowledge of considerations before selling can help organizations and IT professionals make practical informed decisions. 

Understanding Cisco’s Licensing Agreements: The Basics

1. Software Licenses: Beyond Hardware Ownership

One of the primary concerns when pondering, “Can I Legally Resell Cisco Networking Equipment?” revolves around software licenses.

  • Resale Restrictions: Cisco software licenses may contain stipulations that limit or prevent resale. Before proceeding, it’s crucial to delve into these terms to ensure that your sale does not inadvertently breach any agreements, which would hinder the legal sale of the equipment.
  • Buyer Expectations: A potential buyer may assume that purchasing the equipment grants them full rights to the accompanying software. By being well-informed about the licensing terms, you can align your sale with legal parameters and also set the right expectations for the buyer.
  • Value Proposition: Software license transferability, or the lack thereof, can significantly influence the resale value of the equipment. To answer the question, “Can I legally resell Cisco networking equipment?” with confidence, understanding these nuances is essential.
2.  Hardware Rights: Navigating Embedded Software The hardware might be tangible, but embedded software introduces an additional layer of complexity to the question, “Can I Legally Resell Cisco Networking Equipment?”
  • Embedded Software Rights: Even if you physically own the Cisco equipment, the embedded software may still operate under specific licensing terms. Recognizing these rights is vital to ensure that you’re not only selling the equipment but also remaining compliant with licensing agreements.
  • Transparent Communication: Gaining insights into the restrictions or allowances of embedded software can enable transparent dealings with potential buyers, further solidifying the legality of the sale.
  • Pricing Implications: The terms surrounding embedded software can affect the equipment’s overall value, making it crucial to be aware of them when contemplating the legal resale of Cisco networking equipment.
  3. License Transfers: Ensuring Smooth Transitions While selling the equipment might seem straightforward, the transfer of associated licenses is a pivotal aspect of answering, “Can I Legally Resell Cisco Networking Equipment?”
  • Legal Considerations: Some licenses attached to Cisco equipment might state their non-transferability. Being aware of these constraints is paramount to avoid potential legal issues when reselling.
  • Value Impacts: A licensee’s inability to be transferred can diminish the equipment’s appeal and consequently, its market value. Knowledge of this can guide in pricing the equipment appropriately during a legal resale.
  • Building Buyer Trust: Informing potential buyers about the intricacies of license transferability is not only a matter of transparency but also aligns with the legal aspects of reselling Cisco networking equipment.
By understanding the dynamics of software licenses, hardware rights, and license transfers, IT Asset Directors can navigate the question, “Can I Legally Resell Cisco Networking Equipment?” with greater clarity and assurance.

Best Practices: Keeping Warranty and Support in Check

  • Warranty Woes: Reselling can impact the original manufacturer’s warranty. Always verify the status before making a move. You can find out more about Cisco warranties for specific products using Cisco’s guides.
  • Support Status: Not all resold equipment gets Cisco’s nod for support. As a tip, always ensure the equipment’s support validity.
    • Tip: Avoid surprises! Partnering with experts in product identification can save you from unforeseen warranty or support pitfalls. Get a free quote on your Cisco networking equipment today!

Counterfeit Equipment: The Unseen Risk

Did You Know? The IT resale market occasionally gets flooded with counterfeit goods. Here’s what you need to be aware of:

  • Authenticity Check: Ensure the Cisco equipment’s legitimacy. Look for signs of tampering or mismatched serial numbers.
  • Product Identification: This is where experts come into play. With experience handling over 2500+ product models, professionals can quickly weed out the fakes from the genuine.
  • Take Action: Stay informed and consider partnering with seasoned IT resale experts.

Tips for IT Directors: Ensuring Data Privacy and Protection

Before selling any Cisco networking equipment:
  • Erase all previous configurations and data.
  • Perform a factory reset.
  • Use software tools to ensure complete data wiping.
Remember: Protecting company and client data is paramount. Overlooking this step could lead to legal issues and damage your company’s reputation. If you want to legally resell Cisco Networking equipment, start today by getting a free quote from TeleTraders.

Staying Informed: Ongoing Relationship with Cisco

Staying connected with Cisco or its certified reselling partners is invaluable. This relationship ensures:
  • Compliance: With direct information from Cisco, you’re always in the loop about any changes in licensing or resale policies.
  • Support: Enjoy peace of mind knowing you have access to Cisco’s support, especially for resold equipment.


As the IT Director, you’re at the forefront of making informed decisions. Reselling Cisco networking equipment may seem daunting, but with the right knowledge and partners, it becomes a breeze. Always prioritize:
  • Legal Compliance: Stay updated on Cisco’s licensing agreements.
  • Data Protection: Safeguard your company’s reputation by ensuring complete data erasure.
  • Expert Collaboration: Consider partnerships with seasoned IT resale experts to navigate the resale landscape confidently.

Final Call to Action: Dive deeper into the world of IT asset resale. If you have IT assets ready for resale or need assistance with Cisco products, don’t hesitate. Partner with industry leaders who bring years of expertise to the table if you are looking to legally resell Cisco Networking equipment, get a free quote today!

Disclaimer: This article serves informational purposes only and does not constitute legal advice. Always consult with a legal professional for specific guidance related to your situation. Can I legally resell Cisco Networking Equipment? Sell Cisco Networking Equipment to TeleTraders.

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