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BLOG / Cisco Warranties and Resale – 13 Things You Need to Know

August 22, 2023

Cisco Warranties and Resale – 13 Things You Need to Know

When considering the resale or purchase of Cisco IT equipment, warranty concerns are essential to understand. The original warranty and support associated with Cisco equipment may be affected if the equipment is resold. Let’s first look at your Cisco Warranty, what type do you have? Here are some points about Cisco warranties to consider:
  • Standard Hardware Cisco Warranties:

    Cisco generally provides a 90-day limited hardware warranty for its products. For some products, this warranty might be extended, but the default is typically 90 days.
  • Warranties for Cisco Certified Refurbished Equipment:

    Cisco has a program for certified refurbished equipment, and products under this program come with a standard Cisco warranty. Only authorized partners can sell these, ensuring that customers get genuine, tested, and certified products.
  • Software Warranty

    : For software products, Cisco generally offers a warranty period during which the software is guaranteed to operate as defined in the documentation, usually 90 days after delivery. Cisco may provide error corrections, patches, or bug fixes during this period
  • Cisco Smart Net Total Care (or similar service contracts):

    Cisco’s service contracts such as Smart Net Total Care offer support and maintenance beyond the standard warranty. These contracts may be transferable, but the process requires both parties (the original contract holder and the new owner) to agree, and it’s subject to Cisco’s approval.
  • Warranty vs. Service Contract

    : It’s crucial for people buying used Cisco equipment  to distinguish between a standard warranty and a service contract (like Smart Net Total Care). A service contract offers a broader range of services, including 24/7 tech support, hardware replacement options, and software updates. While Cisco warranties are generally not transferable, service contracts may be transferable so check with the company providing the service contract on your equipment. Having a potentially transferable warranty or service contract can improve your resale value but make sure your end customer  understands the difference.
  • Limitation on Transferability of Cisco Warranties:

    Cisco’s standard hardware and software warranties, in most cases, are not transferable. If a customer wants to resell the product, the subsequent buyer may not be able to benefit from the original warranty.
  • Warranty Start Date:

    , The warranty period typically begins when the product is shipped to you if you purchased directly from Cisco. If you originally purchased your equipment from a Cisco certified dealer the warranty period began when Cisco shipped the product to the reseller, not when the reseller sells the product to the end customer. This is important to note as it affects the effective coverage period.
  • Warranty Claims:

    Certified Resellers are usually required to follow specific processes for warranty claims, which may involve verifying the product’s failure, providing necessary documentation, and returning the defective product.
  • Responsibilities

    : Resellers often have a responsibility to provide the first line of support to their customers. So if you are purchasing equipment that was originally provided through a Cisco reseller and has an active warranty or service contract you must contact the original reseller before escalating to Cisco, the reseller should attempt to resolve basic issues.
  • Verification of Authenticity:

    The resale market has counterfeit or gray market products. To benefit from any Cisco warranty or service, the equipment must be genuine. Cisco often requires the product serial number to confirm the authenticity and eligibility for support.
  • End-of-Life (EOL) & End-of-Support (EOS):

    It’s essential to check if the product you’re considering for resale has reached its EOL or EOS status. Cisco generally announces these dates for their products. After these dates, hardware or software support is not available, even if the product is under warranty.
  • Local Regulations and Additional Warranties:

Depending on the jurisdiction, there might be local laws governing warranties. Sellers may also offer their warranties in addition to Cisco’s standard warranty, which can differentiate them in the market but comes with its obligations.

  • Software Licensing:

The resale of Cisco equipment might not include the transfer of software licenses. Cisco’s software licenses are typically non-transferable. The buyer may need to purchase new licenses or work out an arrangement with Cisco.

If you’re considering buying or selling used Cisco equipment, it’s always a good idea to engage directly with Cisco or an authorized Cisco partner. They can provide guidance on warranties, support contracts, and other concerns. Then when you are ready to sell your used Cisco gear, full service companies like TeleTraders can make the process easy while maximizing your return on investment. What are the warranty issues when Buying or Selling Used Cisco IT Equipment?

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