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BLOG / Comparing the Best Office Phone Systems

March 21, 2024

Comparing the Best Office Phone Systems

As healthcare providers, your costs and charges are always evolving. To avoid losses, negotiating and keeping up with many payer contracts is crucial — but not always easy. The CostFlex team understands these challenges, which is why we have developed our industry leading payer contract analysis software to help providers monitor payer reimbursements and stop leaving money on the table. If you’ve outgrown your existing office phone system, or you’re starting a new business and need to equip it, trying to make heads or tails of the available options for the best office phone systems can have your head spinning in no time. There’s also no one-size-fits-all solution for phone systems; what works really well for one type of business won’t be effective or useful for another business. In this blog post, we’ll highlight five manufacturers and systems to consider, depending on the size of your business and your call volume needs. Of course, there are far too many quality options to list all of the best office phone systems; these are just some of the options available to businesses. The best choice for your company will depend on your specific telecommunication needs.

Best Office Phone Systems

Cisco 7900 Series Phones

With nine available models in the series, including several wireless options, these Cisco office phones are popular for larger businesses, including retail companies or hazardous environments. Gigabit Ethernet connectivity and XML capabilities are just a few of the features business owners and employees enjoy about these higher-end telephones.

Polycom VVX Series Phones

Polycom has been a leader in the office telephone space for years. The VVX series phones work well in businesses of any size. These phones are a favorite among call centers and office workers, and they have touchscreen displays and user-friendly interfaces. Different model options range from the 300, which offers an easy, reliable option for small- to mid-sized businesses, to the 1500, which can unify voice, video, and more.

Samsung IP Phones

Samsung’s IP series office phones are an excellent option for small, entry-level businesses on a budget. The three models offer solutions for open office call center environments and for executives who need mobile connectivity on their office phones. Easy navigation and programming can help your business increase productivity.

Avaya 1600 Series Phones

The five available model handsets in the Avaya 1600 Series are also great options for call centers and larger business environments. Options include models ranging from 3-line functionality to 16-line functionality. The high-quality speaker phone functionality also makes these phones work well in conference rooms or private offices.

AT&T 2-line Corded and Cordless Phones

For small businesses that don’t anticipate needing multiple lines or a high call volume, AT&T offers a range of affordable and reliable solutions, including cordless and corded office telephone handsets.

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