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BLOG / Crafting an Ideal HR Technology Roadmap in 2023

May 25, 2023

Crafting an Ideal HR Technology Roadmap in 2023


The responsibilities of individuals working in the human resources field has been constantly evolving over the past few years and, the blend of traditional HR practices with innovative technology has become paramount. As such, crafting a comprehensive HR Technology Roadmap is a crucial step in leveraging digital resources to create a path to optimal performance for your teams. We understand the nuances of integrating technology into HR practices and that while a roadmap is a great starting point, it should never be the ending point.

The Role of an HR Technology Roadmap

At Teletraders, we have experienced the impact that implementing a technology roadmap has on our own organization. An HR Technology Roadmap is more than just a strategy for integrating digital tools. It is a navigational guideline that directs how technology can optimize HR operations, empower employees across the organization, and transform the organizational view and mindset about implementing new technology going forward. As businesses embrace digital transformation, an HR Technology Roadmap ensures we’re not merely following trends but strategically selecting and utilizing tools that align with your businesses goals.

Mapping Your Current HR Technology Ecosystem

The first step in developing a practical and useful HR Technology Roadmap is understanding your existing technological landscape. At Teletraders, we encourage an exhaustive evaluation of your current HR tools. This assessment helps identify technologies that are underutilized, obsolete, or need upgrading. It also provides insights into potential areas for new technology integration to improve HR efficiency and effectiveness and reduce unnecessary costs.

Examples of Questions to Help Map your Current HR Technology Ecosystem:

  • How are we reaching high-quality candidates?
  • Where is our team spending the most time? Is it hiring, onboarding, or continuing support for employees?
    • Note: Identifying this area opens up a conversation for not only possible new technologies and equipment upgrades, but also a general strategic review.\
  • What software or equipment is seeing the least utilization and why?
    • Note: This does not mean you need to eliminate the equipment or software, but merely evaluate its overall utility.

Key Components of an Effective Roadmap

An effective HR Technology Roadmap isn’t just about the tools; it’s also about how these tools help encourage your overall HR strategy, objectives, resource capabilities and the vision for developing your organization’s culture going forward. We recommend a roadmap that includes a short and long-term view of your HR strategy and processes, clearly defined goals, an inventory of current technology, and a resource plan for achieving these goals.

Key Components:

  • Fully understand the vision or your human resources team and department moving forward → Align Your Technology and Equipment with your Vision
  • Evaluate the technology currently in use and the effectiveness moving forward
    • For hardware, this would include the equipment that your team is using during daily work, hiring, training and ongoing employee support. When you are evaluating your hardware, you may find the need to update/upgrade your equipment. To help offset the cost, TeleTraders can work with your organization to purchase your old IT assets and help you find the right equipment for your business’s needs.
    • For software, this would include the programs and tools your team used day in and day out to complete regular work duties.
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How to Create an Effective Human Resources Technology Roadmap

The process of creating an effective HR roadmap can be very challenging for many organizations. While the roadmap will be referenced frequently by the human resources team, input from multiple stakeholders and area experts is imperative. Many areas of expertise should be represented when creating this plan including cybersecurity, project management, legal, overall company management and representation of employees who will be following or implementing the roadmap.

Updating Your HR Technology Roadmap

An HR Technology Roadmap isn’t a one-off project but a living blueprint that should evolve with changing business needs, technological advances, and industry trends. We highly encourage regular reviews and updates to your roadmap to ensure it remains relevant and continues to deliver strategic value to your HR operations. If you create an HR Technology Roadmap and expect it to be a static document once in place, you will not be maximizing the benefits and focus it brings to your organization.    

Navigating Vendor and Partner Selection

After establishing your HR Technology Roadmap and begun identifying the resources required, the next step involves selecting the right technology vendors and implementation partners. Teletraders recommends a thorough due diligence process to ensure the selected partners align with your business needs, technology requirements, and HR strategy. If you need help finding a vendor, new equipment, or assistance evaluating the best option for your organization. Contact TeleTraders for help!  


Creating an HR Technology Roadmap can be a complex but rewarding journey that will help create focus within your organization. At Teletraders, we believe that this roadmap serves as an invaluable tool for blending the best of HR practices and technological innovations. As you embark on this journey, a roadmap can not only enhance your HR operations but also inspire a transformative HR culture in your organization.  

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