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BLOG / How to Donate or Recycle Old Office Equipment

March 2, 2023

How to Donate or Recycle Old Office Equipment

Recycle Old Office Equipment Various associations have used office gear, furniture, and office supplies that they no longer need.  However, they don’t realize that they can get tax receipts by donating or recycling old office equipment. Also, you can advertise your business as being a “green” company since you’re doing your part to help the earth. If you don’t know who to call or where to begin to donate or recycle old office equipment for tax credits, let Teletraders help you.

Prevent Harmful Wastes: Donate or Recycle Old Office Equipment

From PCs and printers to scanners and copiers, organizations depend on hardware and many other types of office equipment. Be that as it may, when it’s a great opportunity to supplant this hardware, it’s not generally clear what to do with it when you are ready to upgrade. Discarding old office gadgets harms the earth and is prohibited in numerous groups. They frequently contain unsafe materials, like mercury, lead, and arsenic. These harmful wastes can end up in landfills and drain into the dirt. The best arrangement is to give them away or reuse them. Ensure the hardware is cleared of delicate business data before doing anything with it, or let us safely wipe your personal data for you.

Charitable Organizations

A great way to get rid of used electronics is by checking whether you can give your old gear to a charitable organization. Numerous associations, including Goodwill Industries, I LoveSchools, and the Salvation Army, accept office hardware that they can exchange at low costs or provide for individuals. It costs you nothing, and you may even meet all requirements for an assessment finding. It’s smart to call ahead. The demand for different sorts of gear changes after some time, and a few not-for-profits may not, as of now, take certain kinds of hardware. The only issue is many of these organizations will throw away items that are deemed not good enough for resell. Whereas at Teletraders, we will take any used office equipment available and recycle it to save it from landfills. If you are looking to sell your equipment, we can coordinate and agree on a price for your used PCs or other office gear.


In the event that giving or exchanging isn’t practical, reusing old hardware is the next best thing. Recyclers disassemble and collect old gear for parts that can be reused or exchanged. In any case, there’s developing worry about some sketchy practices among some hardware recyclers, so complete a little research before you select one. Numerous hardware makers and merchants, including Apple and Office Depot, offer “mail-back” or other such programs that enable organizations to give back utilized gadgets, here and there, free or for a charge of under $40 per item.

How Teletraders Can Help

Teletraders can help you find gadget recyclers in your area.  Remember that numerous ecologic recyclers frequently charge a small fee per item to cover their administration expenses. Teletraders can recycle old office equipment.  We offer a free distribution center for your donations. Our center rapidly and effectively takes your hardware and gives your a tax receipt and certificate of recycle.

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