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BLOG / How to Recycle Office Headsets for Cash

November 14, 2022

How to Recycle Office Headsets for Cash

Recycle Office Headsets for Cash Do you have outdated office headsets collecting dust in your office building? Or perhaps you are upgrading to new headsets or technology and figuring out what to do with the old ones. Recycling them for cash is one option that can help you be kind to the environment while getting a return on your investment. Read on to learn how to recycle office headsets for cash.

What To Do With Old Office Headsets

Businesses realize the ever-growing need to make responsible choices regarding recycling old office equipment and technology. Keeping it out of the e-waste landfill is a virtuous idea, but knowing where to go with equipment like office headsets is not always easy. Running a business is an all-consuming, full-time job, and you need a way to dispose of your headsets responsibly without it requiring too much of your valuable time. Turning to a trusted asset management solutions company makes the process hassle-free. Plus, choosing the right company can enable you to recycle your headsets and get cash in return. Easily sell used headsets, including:
  • Business phone headsets
  • Office phone headsets
  • Evolv2 65 headsets
  • And more.
Look for an asset management company that walks you through the process, providing a quote to help you decide if it’s right for your business. The company should also offer comprehensive recycling services, ensuring they break down the headsets and send them to the proper service for melting and remanufacturing into new equipment others can use.

How Do You Get Money for Your Office Headsets?

You can request a free quote for your office headsets online. From there, the company will evaluate your equipment and give you a quote for what you can expect to receive. Save time and money by arranging for free shipping or pickup services at your business location. After the company has your old headsets and performs an equipment audit, they will send you a check, recycle notice, or certificate.

Recycle Office Headsets for Cash with TeleTraders

Fortune 500 companies and businesses of all sizes around the country and worldwide choose TeleTraders to recycle office headsets and other equipment. We’ve provided convenient asset management solutions since 2013. With a strict zero-landfill policy, we ensure businesses take an environmentally friendly, hassle-free approach to their asset management. We understand it can be time-consuming to deal with outdated office equipment. TeleTraders’ goal is to relieve the burden while helping you boost efficiency and reduce costs. Our team will guide you step by step through our streamlined process, where we evaluate, receive, and audit your headsets. Then, we put cash in your hands in no time. Ready to recycle office headsets for cash? Contact TeleTraders today to request a free quote.

About the Editorial Staff

The Editorial Staff at TeleTraders, led by IT asset expert Clay Beckham and his seasoned team, boasts over 10 years of industry experience in IT asset management, secure IT asset disposal, and technology solutions. Founded in 2013, TeleTraders quickly became a trusted source of IT expertise. The team at TeleTraders demonstrates its commitment to excellence, spending countless hours each day handling a wide spectrum of IT equipment, spanning from intricate networking gear to precision barcode scanners. Our team strives to transfer our hands on knowledge into resources for IT professionals in businesses of any size.

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