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BLOG / How to Set Up Two ISPs With 1 Switch

September 6, 2023

How to Set Up Two ISPs With 1 Switch

Regarding computer connections, a LAN or local area network may have different connections to external ISPs or Internet Service Providers. Typically, it’s done for fault tolerance. If a link falls, LAN is still connected to the outside world through other links and for improved bandwidth. Read on to learn how to set up two ISPs with 1 switch. How to Set Up Two ISPs With 1 Switch

How to Set Up Two ISPs With 1 Switch:

  • Connect any LAN ports on the 1st router to the port in a switch. Connect the WAN port in the 1st router to the 1st ISP.
  • Connect LAN ports on the 2nd router to another port in your switch. Connect the WAN port to the 2nd ISP in the 2nd router.
  • Proceed to configure the second and first routers to not act as the servers for DHCP or Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol. The most accurate way of performing this step depends on the model and make of the routers.
  • Configure the 2nd and 1st routers to use static IP addresses. For instance, assign particular IP addresses to the 2 routers. The best way to perform this step relies on the model and make of the routers.
  • Configure the DHCP server of LAN to hand out the IP addresses in a range that doesn’t include the routers. For instance, configure to hand out IP addresses in a certain interval.
  • Configure several computers in LAN to utilize one of the routers as gateways to external addresses while the remaining computers utilize other the router.

An Expert is Not Needed to Set Up Two ISPs

You don’t need experts’ help to set up two ISPs with a single switch. By following the steps above and other guidelines you can find online, you can be assured that you can do this setup easily. However, you have to note that there are different models of routers, and some might require special steps for you to accomplish the setup. So, research before doing it independently to avoid any inconvenience or issues in the long run. If you are unsure about what you’re doing, it’s never a problem, as you can always hire professionals to help you with the setup. This task is not expensive, and some might do it for you free of charge. If you’re considering your budget, you don’t have to spend much time setting up 2 ISPs with a switch. There are also websites and other professionals who can guide you throughout the setup process. The only thing you should do is follow all the steps properly and correctly for you to achieve the results you want. You may also ask for assistance from friends who have done this setup before. In this way, you can guarantee that you will be guided throughout the process and always stay on the right track to set up two ISPs successfully.

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