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BLOG / How to Successfully Sell Used Cisco Equipment: Key Steps and Considerations

August 3, 2023

How to Successfully Sell Used Cisco Equipment: Key Steps and Considerations


With regular advancements in technology, IT departments often find themselves with an array of obsolete or redundant Cisco equipment. Rather than leaving these valuable resources to gather dust, you can sell used Cisco equipment, reclaiming some of your initial investment and contributing to a more sustainable tech landscape.

The Steps to Sell Used Cisco Equipment

The endeavor to sell used Cisco equipment involves a sequence of steps:  
  1. Deciding to Sell
  2. Preparing Your Cisco Equipment for Sale
  3. Identifying a Reliable Buyer
  4. Navigating the Selling Process
  5. Finalizing the Sale and Getting Paid
  Let’s explore these stages in more detail, ensuring you can sell used Cisco equipment effectively and profitably.


Deciding to Sell

Recognizing when to sell used Cisco equipment can dramatically impact your return on investment. When your equipment no longer meets your organization’s needs or has been superseded by a newer model, it’s likely time to sell. When determining the optimal time to sell, it is important to consider not only the business needs, but the depreciation of the equipment value overall.    The time in which you decide to update your Cisco equipment should align with your IT and overall business strategy.


Preparing Your Cisco Equipment for Sale

Before you can sell used Cisco equipment, there are important steps that should be completed in order to ensure you don’t put your company’s information at risk:
  • Inventory: Document the make, model, and condition of all your Cisco equipment.
    • Document how the equipment is being prepared for sale
  • Secure Data Destruction: It’s imperative to erase all sensitive data securely from your devices. TeleTraders offers certified data destruction services to ensure your data is thoroughly and safely eliminated.
    • Certificates of Destruction: Your company can request a Certificate as official documentation that the data of your company and its proprietary information has been removed from all devices.
    • Certificates of Recycling: Your company can request a Certificate as official documentation that the equipment has been properly recycled or repurposed.

Sell Used Cisco Equipment with TeleTraders


Identifying a Reliable Buyer to Sell Used Cisco Equipment

It is important to find a reliable buyer when you are selling your used Cisco equipment. Malicious buyers may try to gain access to previous data, software or cloud infrastructure.   Choosing a trustworthy buyer for your used Cisco equipment is paramount. With our industry experience and extensive network, TeleTraders can help you sell used Cisco equipment quickly, safely, and at a fair price. Submit a Free Quote to quickly receive an estimated value for your used Cisco equipment.

Navigating the Selling Process

Once you’ve found a buyer, the selling process begins. This involves agreeing on terms, which encompass pricing and logistics. Our team at TeleTraders can help facilitate these discussions, ensuring a successful sale. We follow a simple five step process when buying your used Cisco equipment.
  • Free Quote: Use the online quote form, send an email, or make a call.
  • Evaluation: The team will assess all your equipment to determine its value.
  • Send It: Shipping will be provided, or the equipment will be picked up and packed up.
  • Full Audit: Upon receipt, all the equipment will be tested for quality.
  • Get Paid: Payment can be received in the form of PayPal.

Finalizing the Sale and Getting Paid

After the used Cisco equipment has been received and evaluated by the buyer, the payment process starts. A reliable buyer ensures this step is straightforward and swift and provides payment and confirmation of payment in a timely manner.  

Essential Resources When Selling Used Cisco Equipment

Having the right resources can make the task to sell used Cisco equipment a breeze:  
  • Locating Cisco UDI: This online tool assists you in identifying your Cisco products, which is crucial when preparing your inventory for sale.
  • Data Destruction Guidelines: Cisco provides detailed guidelines on how to securely erase data on their equipment.

Ready to Sell Used Cisco Equipment?

If you’ve decided to sell used Cisco equipment, TeleTraders can assist you every step of the way. Our free quote service allows you to get a valuation of your equipment within 24-48 hours. We provide secure IT asset disposal services, certified data destruction, and efficient asset purchasing for businesses keen to sell used Cisco equipment.  


The process to sell used Cisco equipment can be less daunting with careful planning, preparation, and a trusted partner. Whether you’re a seasoned IT professional or new to the process, TeleTraders is here to help. Reach out to us for a seamless, secure, and beneficial experience when selling your used Cisco equipment.  

About the Editorial Staff

The Editorial Staff at TeleTraders, led by IT asset expert Clay Beckham and his seasoned team, boasts over 10 years of industry experience in IT asset management, secure IT asset disposal, and technology solutions. Founded in 2013, TeleTraders quickly became a trusted source of IT expertise. The team at TeleTraders demonstrates its commitment to excellence, spending countless hours each day handling a wide spectrum of IT equipment, spanning from intricate networking gear to precision barcode scanners. Our team strives to transfer our hands on knowledge into resources for IT professionals in businesses of any size.

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