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BLOG / IT Asset Recycling: What to know for your business in 2023

April 26, 2023

IT Asset Recycling: What to know for your business in 2023

IT Asset Recycling: Man Repurposing Old Equipment

IT Asset Recycling: What You Need to Know in 2023


Updating IT equipment is something that most companies have encountered at least once. The question of what to do with the old or out-of-use equipment often arises after the new equipment is purchased. Proper disposal of IT assets is crucial for data security, environmental safety, and helps minimize company waste. This article will cover what IT asset recycling is, the process and benefits, and how TeleTraders can help.

What is IT Asset Recycling?

What is IT Asset recycling? IT asset recycling is the process of collecting, possibly refurbishing, and repurposing IT equipment that has reached the end of its current useful life. Recycling your used IT assets is one of the essential way in which corporations and businesses of any size can help mitigate their environmental impact. 

The IT Asset Recycling Process

There are several steps that should be completed to ensure that the disposal, recycling and repurposing of IT equipment is secure and environmentally-friendly. These steps include:

  • Asset Collection: IT equipment is retrieved or received from businesses and transported to a secure area.
  • Data Destruction: Sensitive data is destroyed using industry accepted methods to ensure that data is not recoverable of retrievable from any devices
  • Recycling, Refurbishing, Repurposing: The last step is to recycle or repurpose your equipment. If you are repurposing your equipment, oftentimes you may need to refurbish the equipment. If you are recycling the equipment to meet green initiatives or obtain tax breaks, make sure that the company you are partnering with provides a Certificate of Recycling.

The Business Benefits of Recycling IT Assets

  • Avoid Data Breaches with Data Destruction
  • Achieve Environmental Initiatives & Objectives
  • Reduce Upgrading Costs Through Tax Breaks or Repurposing

IT asset recycling can benefit your business in a number of ways. The most important benefit when working with a reputable company is that you can rest assured your company’s data and information is safe. Avoid costly data breaches by ensuring that the sensitive data is securely destroyed and is no longer on the devices you are recycling and repurposing. IT asset recycling can help businesses comply with environmental regulations, promoting a green initiative that is in line with the company’s overall business objectives. Two additional benefits related to the green initiatives include potential tax breaks (financial assistance) and corporate awards (free PR). If you are interested in learning more about the benefits of recycling your IT assets, reach out to TeleTraders!

IT Asset Recycling: TeleTraders Graphic

How TeleTraders Can Help with IT Asset Recycling

It is imperative to select a reliable and credible IT asset recycling partner to ensure that your equipment is handled in the proper manner. Your partner should follow industry standards when dealing with data destruction, equipment transferring and recycling or repurposing your equipment. Partnering with an asset recycling and repurposing company like TeleTraders can give your business the peace of mind that your IT assets and equipment are being disposed of in a secure and environmentally-friendly way.

IT Asset Recycling Conclusion

Is it worth it? 

  • Reduce Data Breach Risks
  • Comply with Environmental Regulations
  • Accomplish Green Initiatives
  • Tax Break Opportunities
  • Generate Additional Revenue
IT asset recycling is an essential part of responsibly removing old or outdated IT assets and equipment. Recycling your old and used IT assets can help your business generate revenue, reduce the risk of data breaches, comply with environmental regulations and potentially even benefit from tax breaks. TeleTraders offers secure IT asset recycling services, certificates and can help your business dispose of their IT equipment. To learn more about our services, get a free quote for your IT asset recycling needs.  

About the Editorial Staff

The Editorial Staff at TeleTraders, led by IT asset expert Clay Beckham and his seasoned team, boasts over 10 years of industry experience in IT asset management, secure IT asset disposal, and technology solutions. Founded in 2013, TeleTraders quickly became a trusted source of IT expertise. The team at TeleTraders demonstrates its commitment to excellence, spending countless hours each day handling a wide spectrum of IT equipment, spanning from intricate networking gear to precision barcode scanners. Our team strives to transfer our hands on knowledge into resources for IT professionals in businesses of any size.

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