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BLOG / How to Securely Erase Your Hard Drive

September 11, 2023

How to Securely Erase Your Hard Drive

Securely erase your hard drive Information security is a top priority for everyone in this day and age of regular hacking and cyber attack scandals. No one wants to be the the victim of a data breach or identity theft, due to the costly problems that can occur. Learning to securely erase your hard drive will help prevent you from being the next headline on data breaches. The problem with erasing your used hard drives and SSDs is that typically, 67% still contain personally identifiable information, and another 11% contain sensitive company information. Learn more about this Data Recovery Study from 2016. To help you ensure your hard drive gets erased securely, we will explain the minimum level of security you should take when disposing or selling storage devices.

How to securely erase HDD hard drives

There are three effective ways to securely erase your hard drive.
  1. Software: This is the most used method for erasing hard disks. However, it is not fast or easy. You need to be careful not to delete data on the computer operating the eraser accidentally. You will need to find a program online or for older computers on a CD, DVD, or bootable USB. Once installed, the computer used to erase the HDDs will need to be booted from the bootable device. Be very careful to only wipe the data from the targeted hard disk.
  2. Hardware: This method to erase hard drives is easier than the above. Users purchase a device that connects to their hard disk and runs through the directions.
  3. Destruction: This is the most effective way of guaranteeing information is irretrievable. None of the previously mentioned methods guarantee that they will work on defective hard disks. Companies like teletraders.net will use equipment like shredders to streamline the process of destroying hard drives. However, for end users, another effective method is removing the platter from within the hard disk and puncturing/bending the platter with a nail and hammer. This guarantees that information is irretrievable. To be safe, we recommend that you puncture the disk at least three times and bend the platter with a hammer.

How to securely erase SSD hard drives

Wiping data on SSDs is significantly more complicated than HDDs. One of the best ways to securely erase your hard drive data on SSDs is to head over to the manufacturer’s website and use their recommended software. All major manufacturers have their own propriety toolbox that works specifically with their SSDs. Take a look at the specific manufacturer’s documentation, and once again, be very mindful not to delete SSDs that are in production. Mess up, and your relevant data will be lost forever. It is always best practice to read through the manufacturer’s documentation and watch a few YouTube instructional videos until you feel comfortable using the software. If your SSD is defective, the best method for securely eradicating your data is to destroy the SSD. This is trickier than an HDD because SSDs store information on a flash chip.

Let us securely erase your hard drive for you.

No matter what method you plan to use to secure your data, we highly recommend you do the minimum requirement to securely erase your data. Many of you are looking to sell your hard drives and SSDs, and the above options can be time-consuming, sometimes costly, and very dangerous to your information if done incorrectly. Teletraders.net specializes in securing all personal data and information. Depending on your needs, we will securely wipe your data with an eco-friendly approach to reuse your drives. We deal with hard drives and SSDs at high volume. This allows the process of securely eradicating data to be cost-effective and easier. If you want to sell your drives, we can offer you competitive rates based on the market value. When we are done, we will give you a certificate of data destruction showing that your organization complies with regulatory agencies such as HIPPA and SOX. Fill out our quote form for a free quote on your used hard drives. If you want to sell your used hard drives and SSDs and the above options to securely erase your hard drive are too time-consuming or costly, or you still don’t understand how to do it, let us do it for you!

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