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BLOG / What are Cisco Meraki Certifications?

July 27, 2023

What are Cisco Meraki Certifications?


In the dynamic IT sector, the role of certifications, particularly those offered by industry leaders like Cisco, cannot be overstated. Cisco Meraki offers certifications which cater to the increasingly prominent field of cloud-managed IT, validate a professional’s ability to work with Cisco Meraki’s comprehensive solutions. What are Cisco Meraki certifications, and why should businesses pay attention to them? This article provides the answers, shedding light on the value in today’s IT landscape.

Understanding Cisco Meraki Certifications

Let’s start by understanding what the Cisco Meraki certification.The Cisco Meraki certification is called the Cisco Meraki Solutions Specialist (CMSS) Certification and is used to vouch upon the abilities of IT professionals in managing the Meraki product suite, spanning networking, security, and mobile device management solutions.
These Cisco Meraki certification requires individuals to pass tests which evaluate skills such as an understanding of the architectural principles of the Meraki platform, the capability to configure and troubleshoot Meraki products, and in-depth knowledge of Meraki’s cloud architecture.

Why Businesses Should Care About Cisco Meraki Certifications

Cisco Meraki certifications offer a multitude of benefits that businesses should be aware of:

  • Technical Expertise: Professionals with Cisco Meraki certifications possess verified technical expertise. This reassurance of technical competency ensures that your organization’s Meraki solutions are managed by skilled individuals, leading to improved IT efficiency. This can be effective when hiring as it is a third-party verification of an individual’s ability to perform.
  • Competitive Advantage: Companies with Cisco Meraki certified employees can gain a competitive edge. Having certified professionals in your team can enhance your business’s reputation, demonstrating to clients and competitors your commitment to maintaining high standards of IT service.
  • Reduced IT Risks: Certified professionals are trained to anticipate and manage potential IT risks. Thus, investing in certifications for your team can lead to more secure and efficient IT operations.
  • Enhanced ROI: Implementing Meraki solutions with certified professionals at the helm can enhance the return on your IT investments. Certified professionals can maximize the value of your Meraki solutions, thereby ensuring optimal performance and cost-efficiency.

What are Cisco Meraki Certifications?

A Closer Look at The Certification

Here’s an insight into the main Cisco Meraki certification:

  • Cisco Meraki Solutions Specialist (CMSS): This certification validates a professional’s ability to configure and manage Meraki solutions. It emphasizes knowledge of Meraki’s cloud architecture, device management, and security features, making it suitable for technical roles involved in deploying and managing Meraki solutions in a business.
  Cisco Meraki certifications have its prerequisites and exam requirements, which are crucial to research before embarking on the certification journey.

Conclusion: The Value of Cisco Meraki Certifications to Businesses

Cisco Meraki certifications provide undeniable value to businesses and the employees within them. If your organization uses or plans to use Meraki solutions, having team members with CMSS  certifications can enhance the effectiveness of these solutions and potentially open up new opportunities for business growth.

The upfront costs of acquiring these Cisco Meraki certifications are outweighed by the benefits — increased IT efficiency, enhanced security, competitive edge, and optimized ROI on your Meraki investments.

Ultimately, investing in Cisco Meraki certifications for your team is an investment in your business’s success. They offer a competitive advantage and signify a commitment to excellence, leading to improved IT operations and increased client trust. While the decision to invest in these certifications will depend on individual business goals and circumstances, the potential rewards are worth considering.

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