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BLOG / What to Do With Used Cisco Products?

May 10, 2023

What to Do With Used Cisco Products?

Cisco products rule the world of hardware because of the company’s quality materials and efficient designs to develop its products. In the running world of technology, you might need several hardware equipments simultaneously. These products have an expiration date after which they are unusable. However, an expert can recover and reuse these hardware assets after going through some processes. But what do you do with used Cisco products?

Getting rid of used CISCO products:

  • Uninstall the assets
  • Pack them in a box
  • Contact any asset recovery team like Teletraders and tell them about your objective. Let them know how you would like your asset to be reutilized.
  • Deliver them to Teletraders.
CISCO Products

What happens after your used Cisco products have reached the market?

Your used Cisco products now goes under inspection. Teletraders will try to find out everything wrong with the hardware and then propose a possible solution to fix it as much as possible. These solutions are then implemented on the device. After numerous tests, the device can now be used as if it had never been destroyed. However, in many cases, the asset becomes completely useless. This is when the company determines the best way to reuse parts and materials to make something else from them and keep the assets out of the landfill. ** Teletraders has a No Landfill Policy.

Make the most out of your used CISCO products:

MoneySeveralf asset recovery companies buy surplus IT assets readily. The better your asset’s condition, the better the money you earn from them. The material sold will then be reutilized and refurnished.

Cost Effective

Use your assets to rebuild the network without having to spend much. For example, you don’t need to upgrade your Cisco networking system if you have unused CISCO equipment. This is also why recovering rusted hardware is proven to be cost-effective. Some companies might even return your money after the investment has reached a stage.

Low Maintenance

Old and spare components are challenging to manage and maintain. Get them refurbished, and you won’t need to spend money on their maintenance.

Asset Enhancement

It is not even necessary to redesign the products. After going through necessary augmentation, the same products can now be utilized for the purpose that they were initially made for.

Material Recycling

Material recycling is always a ready option if nothing else works. Unfortunately, the silicon used in these chips is expensive and difficult to obtain. However, the Plastic used for their physical design can be molded and reutilized.

Turning Components Into Systems

You can even turn your surplus equipment into working systems by connecting them correctly. With the right expertise, the desired technological output can be achieved no matter how constrained your hardware is. Furthermore, the clients can wish to have their products refurbished, redesigned, and restructured to attain an even higher product value. Therefore, build the best-of-class system network from retired silicon products in the most cost-effective ways possible. Though refurbishing requires a high level of technical expertise, both software and hardware engineering and project reconfiguration skills, it is always worth it when the result comes out, and these products are cycled back into use. If you want to recycle your old equipment, contact Teletraders to find out what we can do with your used Cisco products.

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