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BLOG / Why You Should Invest in Used Cisco Network Equipment

October 24, 2023

Why You Should Invest in Used Cisco Network Equipment

Would you like to know why you should invest in used Cisco network equipment? In the 1980s, IBM was the major force in the world of networking equipment, setting standards and driving innovation. It was said no IT Director could go wrong in using IBM equipment for their network. Their Systems Network Architecture (SNA) was a dominant communication protocol suite used by many businesses. However, as the IT landscape evolved, the demand for more open and flexible networking solutions grew. Enter Cisco. Founded in 1984, Cisco Systems quickly became a leader in networking by focusing on IP-based equipment and the emerging Internet infrastructure. By the 1990s and into the 21st century, Cisco had surpassed IBM as the dominant player in the networking equipment industry, offering a wide range of products and solutions that catered to the changing needs of businesses and organizations. Cisco today can rightly claim that crown as they possess over 40% of the market share for networking equipment, almost four times as much as their closest competitors. Yet that dominance and  assurance comes at a cost as new Cisco equipment can put a major dent in your networking budget. So what could be the next best thing is to invest in used Cisco network equipment as it can garner as much as a 90% cost savings.
– Gartner, Used-Hardware Resellers Offer Hardware and Support Cost Savings, February 2015, Foundational October 2016 [ID G00270507] Here are some of the reasons to invest in Used Cisco network equipment rather than from other vendors:
  1. Availability: In a perfect world you have plenty of time to get all that equipment in, setup, tested and running just in time for that end of quarter number, right? Well older or discontinued Cisco equipment may not be readily available as new, but it can often be found in the used market. This can be especially useful if you need to replace or expand your existing network infrastructure with compatible hardware. With the breadth of available Cisco equipment you have the best chance of finding the equipment to fit your needs.
  2. Vendor Support: Cisco is known for providing support for its products, even after they have been discontinued. This means you may still be able to get support and software updates for used Cisco equipment. This is an area that has to be understood fully especially when you are talking about Cisco products. Cisco support and warranties are world class on products sold to the first owner. After that it gets a bit murky, learn about the potential issues of Cisco warranties in the used market: Cisco Warranties and Resale – 13 Things You Need to Know
  3. Cisco Buy-Back Initiative: Just as Toyota supports the pre-owned car industry, Cisco is a proponent of the secondary IT market. Typically, used networking equipment comes without a warranty and might not be compatible with a buyer’s existing system. Additionally, there’s a trend of improperly discarding used Cisco items. To address these concerns, Cisco collaborates with, promotes, and backs various buyback vendors who are willing to acquire your old Cisco equipment. When utilizing the locator tool, ensure you select the option for “Cisco certified refurbished equipment.” Since resellers might offer varying prices, it’s recommended to gather multiple quotes before finalizing a deal. While Cisco usually doesn’t directly repurchase the gear, they facilitate collection for recycling of obsolete hardware.
  4. Availability of Third Party Maintenance Plans: If you’re looking to invest in used Cisco network equipment, you might be concerned about missing out on the Smart Net Total Care maintenance. Yet, with thorough research before your purchase, you’ll discover reliable third-party maintenance services that support certified used Cisco equipment. These programs offer coverage comparable to original equipment manufacturer (OEM) support but come at a price reduction of 50-60% compared to standard OEM rates.
Banner4 Smart business owners invest in used Cisco network equipment because it is cost-effective, offering significant savings compared to new items. Despite being pre-owned, Cisco products often retain high quality and performance. Additionally, trusted third-party maintenance programs can provide robust support, ensuring longevity and reliability of the equipment.

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