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BLOG / Should I buy used IT Equipment?

May 14, 2024

Should I buy used IT Equipment?

Buy Used IT Equipment

What is used IT Equipment?

According to TechTarget, An IT Asset or piece of IT equipment is any company-owned hardware or system that is used throughout the course of operating the business. Used or refurbished IT equipment or IT assets are simply pieces of equipment like networking hardware, computers, barcode scanners, and office headsets that were previously used by another individual or company. Used equipment can also be called refurbished or repurposed. When a company buys used IT equipment, it can help them save on upgrading costs while obtaining the desired equipment. 

Is it safe to buy used IT equipment?

It is great to save money when upgrading or changing your used IT equipment or IT assets. However, it should not come at the expense of your company, its proprietary information, or data. When purchasing used or refurbished IT assets, verifying the legitimacy of the company from which you purchase is important. Verifying that the assets, whether networking equipment, office computers, or headsets, are in good working condition AND that they have been wiped of the previous user’s information is imperative. To learn more about the process of how IT assets are safely disposed of, check out our Secure ITAD article.

Should I buy used IT Equipment?

Oftentimes you can reduce the overall cost incurred if you buy used IT equipment. When considering if buying used IT equipment is right for you, here are a few questions to think through:
  1. Will the used equipment function and perform the same as the new equipment? If so, purchasing used equipment can help you save money while achieving the same functionality goals. 
  2. Does the vendor that has the equipment have a legitimate business with verifiable reviews? If not, it is best to look elsewhere, even if it means paying more.

Where can I buy used IT equipment or IT assets?

There are hundreds of vendors for used IT equipment. While this makes the selection nearly endless, it is important to find a vendor with a legitimate business operation and one that has a strong record of good transactions. If you want to purchase used IT equipment or IT assets, contact TeleTraders! If you want to buy equipment locally, working with a well-established business with strong reviews is best practice. With the ever-growing importance of hardware and data security, it is important that the company you worked with knows where the equipment comes from to ensure that it is safe to use as a secondary user.

Buying new IT equipment versus buying used IT Equipment

When purchasing IT equipment, it is imperative to decipher whether you must have new equipment or if used or refurbished equipment will accomplish your same goals. First and foremost, reviewing company policy is important to make sure that used or refurbished IT assets and equipment are okay. Depending on your industry, your company may have a policy for or against used equipment. After verifying your company’s policy, it is important to consider the age of the used equipment, the frequency of use, and the device’s use case. If you are purchasing modern refurbished equipment, then the functionality of the device should be intact and performing as intended.  If you will be using the device daily, it is important to consider the condition of the shell(exterior) of the item. If the item is in poor or heavily used condition, but the device’s hardware components are still functioning, it can reduce the lifetime value when purchasing used. Another area to consider is the use case of the device. Will this device be used by customers or business executives? If so, the condition and functionality may need to be the top of the line. New equipment may be better for your business if this is the case. When a company decides to buy used IT equipment, it can often be an easy and practical way to reduce upgrade or switching costs. If you are interested in learning more about upgrading your equipment, contact TeleTraders now!

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