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BLOG / Factory Reset Cisco Switches to Default

January 25, 2024

Factory Reset Cisco Switches to Default

A Guide on How to Factory Reset Cisco Switches

Cisco switches are known for their reliability and advanced features, however they can sometimes require a factory reset to address various issues or to prepare the device for a sale. This article acts as a comprehensive guide on how to factory reset Cisco switches, ensuring that you can quickly and securely restore your equipment to its default settings. You can identify what the model of your switch is on the Cisco website.

Step-by-Step Guide to Factory Reset Cisco Switches

Preparing to factory reset your Cisco switch

  • You will physically need your Cisco switch as a part of the process to factory reset Cisco switches.
  • It is important to backup your switch configuration, as a factory reset will erase all configured settings.

Accessing Your Console

  • Connect your computer to the switch with the console cable.
  • Use terminal software to access the switch’s console.

Entering Privileged EXEC Mode

  • Power on the Cisco switch.
  • Press the “Enter” key to access the command prompt.
  • Type `enable` and press enter to get into privileged EXEC mode.

Erasing Configuration

  • At the privileged EXEC mode, type `write erase` or `erase startup-config` and press enter.
  • This command will erase the current configuration on the switch.

Reloading the Switch

  • Type `reload` and press enter.
  • When prompted, do not save the current configuration (if asked).
  • Confirm the reload command.

Post-Reset Steps

  • After the switch reloads, it will be in its factory default state.
  • Go through the initial setup script if needed, or configure the switch as required.
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Resetting a Cisco switch to factory settings is a straightforward process that can significantly aid in troubleshooting issues or preparing the device for a new configuration. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you can ensure that your Cisco switch is reset safely and correctly. Remember, always back up your configurations before proceeding with a reset, and consider purchasing quality Cisco equipment from reputable suppliers for optimal network performance. We hope this guide has been helpful in understanding the process of how to reset FortiGate firewalls. Need to reset other equipment, see more TeleTraders reset guides below!
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