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BLOG / Fortigate Factory Reset: 5 Minute Full Reset

December 28, 2023

Fortigate Factory Reset: 5 Minute Full Reset

Fortigate Factory Reset

Fortigate Factory Reset Introduction

If you’re looking to reset your Fortigate firewall, this guide is designed to help you quickly perform a Fortigate factory reset. Whether you’re troubleshooting an issue, starting fresh, or considering selling your device, a factory reset is a crucial step. This guide should apply to many Fortinet FortiGate devices, but may not apply to all. You can find which Fortinet product you have on their website.  

Why Perform a Fortigate Factory Reset?

There are many reasons why you may want to learn how to Factory reset your Fortigate firewall, however some of the most common reasons are:  
  • Security: Removes all personal or company data.
  • Functionality: Restores the device to its default settings.
  • Preparation: Ideal if you’re considering upgrading or selling your equipment.

Step-by-Step Guide to Factory Reset Fortigate Firewalls


Step 1: Backup Your Configuration

  1. Log into your Fortigate firewall interface.
  2. Navigate to ‘System’ > ‘Dashboard’.
  3. Select ‘Configuration’ > ‘Backup’.
  4. Save the backup file securely.

Step 2: Initiate Fortigate Factory Reset

  1. Connect to your Fortigate device.
  2. Access the web-based manager or console.
  3. Go to ‘System’ > ‘Maintenance’.
  4. Click on ‘Factory Reset’.
  5. Confirm your decision to initiate the Fortigate factory reset.
  Note: This will erase all configurations and data.  

Step 3: Restart the Firewall

  1. The device will automatically reboot after the Fortigate factory reset.
  2. Wait for the restart process to complete.

Step 4: Verify the Reset

  1. Log in using the default credentials.
  2. Check that all previous configurations are cleared.
FortiGate Factory Reset

Considering Selling Your Fortigate Firewall?

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  A Fortigate factory reset is a simple but vital process for ensuring your firewall is secure and at its default settings. Whether you’re resetting for personal reasons or considering a sale, these steps will guide you through the process smoothly. And if you decide to sell, TeleTraders is here to help. We hope this guide has been helpful in understanding the process of how to reset FortiGate firewalls. Need to reset other equipment, see more TeleTraders reset guides below!
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