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April 3, 2023

Free Electronics Recycling Near Me

Green Recycling Facility

Free Electronics Recycling Made Easy

There is an ever-growing need today to ensure that an absolute minimum amount of waste makes its way back into our beautiful planet’s precious ecosystems. It is important for businesses to go green and recycle any old hardware. Office IT waste is a major problem around the world, so every opportunity to mitigate the burden on our planet’s waste cycle should be pursued when possible. We strive to keep any and all technology hardware from ever making it into the e-waste landfill. We are so dedicated to maintaining this standard that we are also proud to say the only trash bags leaving our facility are filled with only the food waste from the break room and individual offices.

We hope that you are as excited to recycle your used office IT electronics as we are! TeleTraders has streamlined the entire process of electronics recycling, so get started today has never been more accessible and easy for businesses, small to large. In many cases, we are able to offer our clients free recycling services, so don’t hesitate to contact us with any and all questions that you have about recycling your used IT office electronics today.

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We offer full recycling services!

Isometric Recycling Bin

With our provided options for asset removal and handling your logistics, we can bring your old equipment into our facility and properly dispose of it for you. Allow us to help you recycle your used IT office electronics right away! Start preparing a list of which IT office electronics your company would like to recycle and send it to us or give us a call so we can help you evaluate used equipment. While we strive to make the process as cost-free as possible, in some unique cases, certain restrictions and/or regulations may require us to charge a fee to recycle your equipment. In many cases, this is not a problem, so we encourage you to reach out to TeleTraders today to discuss your specific situation.

Once received at our facility, we break down everything to its core respected properties and make sure it gets to the proper location where it can be melted down and remanufactured into brand new and usable technology instead of becoming further e-waste.

Need scheduled recycling services?

Need some time? We can also provide your business with our recycling containers to keep and use in your facility so you can dispose of things at your own pace. Whenever you are ready, TeleTraders will send a truck and have it brought straight to our facilities for processing and to begin the process of reclamation.

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What type of used IT equipment do we recycle?

Recycling Used IT Equipment   The simple answer is: just about anything and everything!

If your IT equipment still has usable life in it, whether this means it’s available for immediate resell now or perhaps it needs to be refurbished, we are always available to work with you to identify the best course of action to take to turn your old IT hardware into a solution that is both green and agreeable. If the equipment is unusable and incapable of being repaired/refurbished, we will happily recycle the hardware in an Eco-friendly way ensuring all of the precious metals and micro components are captured for use in future electronics. Our professional team of technicians stand by to work with you today.

Common types of used IT equipment that we recycle:

If you have any further questions about free electronics recycling, don’t hesitate to Contact Us or give us a Call Today.

About the Editorial Staff

The Editorial Staff at TeleTraders, led by IT asset expert Clay Beckham and his seasoned team, boasts over 10 years of industry experience in IT asset management, secure IT asset disposal, and technology solutions. Founded in 2013, TeleTraders quickly became a trusted source of IT expertise. The team at TeleTraders demonstrates its commitment to excellence, spending countless hours each day handling a wide spectrum of IT equipment, spanning from intricate networking gear to precision barcode scanners. Our team strives to transfer our hands on knowledge into resources for IT professionals in businesses of any size.

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